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About our organisation

Talfrost engages in the complete transformation of fresh nationally-produced vegetables. We have facilities in Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia, some of the crop-growing regions with the highest production efficiency and the greatest expansion.

Since it was first established more than 20 years ago, our plant has provided a guaranteed service to clients across Europe and in other continents.

100% traceability control

The organisation has direct access near the plant to more than 3,000 hectares of irrigated crops.

We have extensive experience in crop management, thus permitting harvests of highest quality.

As we have crop productions in Castilla – La Mancha and Andalusia, we are able to extend our growing seasons.

The proximity of the crops to our plant and the speed of the process allows us to provide maximum quality and freshness, preserving all their sensory qualities.


Through our laboratory and quality team Talfrost manages a global quality system that covers all stages of the process, from receipt of raw material to arrival at our customers. Ensuring the cold chain at all times.

Crop production

At Talfrost, we continuously experiment with new varieties of plants and production techniques, which enables us to regularly launch new products with high added value.

For this reason, we constantly search for new varieties, new recipes and new packing formats adapted to the needs of our clients.

At a distance of a few metres from the buildings, we have a large area of land for crop testing.